Course Vision & Goals

Stories and storytelling create magic, a sense of wonder and curiosity that aligns very well to the spirit of a STEMologist - our made up title for one who is curious about exploring people, their stories and the world around us through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

While the STEM content we focus on in this course will be Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computer Programming, the concepts and methodology can be used to explore your own ways to integrate literature into STEM or STEM into literature!

Our vision for this course is simple...

Provide excellent resources that broaden STEM curriculum

Present ideas that showcase literature and enrich STEM curriculum

Out of our vision comes three distinct goals:

  • Provide User-friendly resources that incorporate technology, artificial intelligence, literature, music and art activities and that can also be used in the classroom
  • Present content that enriches, extends and encourages critical thinking and higher order thinking skills
  • Promote opportunities that encourage the integration of literature, STEM and important literary and cultural themes


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